Over the weekend, we traveled to Southern California and checked into a hotel in Buena Park! With so many attractions nearby with a focus on children’s activities, we were unsure if we would be able to enjoy our time sans kids. Adam and I are pretty much grown up children anyway, so we figured we would have a blast even if we were only able to do “kiddie” stuff. But as it turns out, with the help from the Visit Buena Park welcome center, we were able to plan our couple’s weekend and we had a wonderful time even though we don’t have any kids!

Below, you’ll find an overview of our weekend in Buena Park with a focus on what couples can do (without children). So for all of you parents out there, call grammy, grampa, or your favorite babysitter and pack a bag so you can enjoy a fun-filled weekend in Buena Park with your spouse!

What to Do:

Come to Buena Park and you’ll be welcomed with theme parks, Hollywood magic, beautiful beaches, decadent food, and great entertainment! With so much to do in Buena Park, you’ll be able to map out what you and your spouse want to enjoy together. Adam and I spent our weekend in Buena Park riding roller coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm, laughing and enjoying a cabaret-style variety show at Teatro Martini, and having food and drinks at Rock & Brews!

Teatro Martini

If you and your spouse do not enjoy amusement parks (or spending time around children), you can plan an evening in Buena Park at Teatro Martini. Teatro Martini, a five-course dinner and show experience, is an immersive theatrical evening for adults who enjoy comedy, music, and a little bit of magic.

Dress yourself up, have a drink, and spend the evening laughing and cheering beside your loved one while you make memories at Teatro Martini.

Diner was delectable! We had tomato bisque, a garden salad, braised sirloin, roasted chicken, and cheesecake along with some fun cocktails.

With a focus on adult comedy, Teatro Martini might be considered inappropriate for some. When the show began, the cast came on stage to give us a disclaimer essentially saying, “hey, if you’re offended easily this show may not be for you!” They meant it, too. We enjoyed the humor of the show, and although some jokes could have been argued to “go too far,” we appreciated them just the same. Even with the oftentimes crude humor, there was always something to enjoy about the act.

Adam and I really enjoyed the magician who came out on stage to do multiple acts! He was by far our favorite actor. I also really enjoyed the singing and the circus-style performer in the Teatro Martini show.

Knott’s Berry Farm

No trip to Buena Park is complete without a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm!

Even if you aren’t the biggest rollercoaster fanatic, there is so much to do at Knott’s Berry Farm in a day! All of the young-at-heart couples out there can enjoy a whole day of amusement rides, live entertainment, shopping, and yummy food at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Adam and I spent a bulk of our day waiting in line for and going on rides, but we also spent some time enjoying some of the delicious food Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer!

While you’re visiting Knott’s, a stop at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant is an absolute must! Stop by Mrs. Knott’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (and if you like to plan your itinerary ahead of time, you can even reserve a table for you and your spouse through OpenTable). A beautiful, rustic and historic homage to the original park farmhouse back in the 1940’s, the great dining room at Mrs. Knott’s will welcome you to some time to sit, relax, and enjoy delicious food while you take some time to rejuvenate for even more rides and fun.

Some of our other favorite foods from Knott’s Berry Farm includes the Southwestern burger from Coasters on the boardwalk, and a Boysenberry soft serve from Ghosttown!

What to Eat:

There are a variety of places to eat in Buena Park no matter where you are staying, what your budget is, and what kind of food you enjoy! You can review all of the dining options in Buena Park on this site, but we definitely recommend you stop by and enjoy a meal at Rock & Brews!

Rock & Brews

Stop by Rock & Brews Buena Park for a beer, a bite to eat, and some rock n’ roll!
Enjoy American comfort food and great-tasting beer with your spouse at Rock & Brews–Adam and I had a bounty of decadent appetizers and brews. There is a large menu to choose from, but some of our favorite things from the Rock & Brews Buena Park menu includes: Sgt. Pepper’s Jalapeño Poppers, Bruschetta, Sweet & Spicy Asian Wings, Five Cheese Mac & Cheese (loaded with cheese cracker breadcrumbs), and Purple Rain Drops (i.e. their take on a French-style donut). They also have a really wide selection of great beers to choose from–we definitely recommend you try a flight of their Belgian brews.

After you’ve had a beer, head outside to the beach volleyball court for a friendly game of cornhole (by the way, I totally kicked Adam’s butt at cornhole!)

Where to Stay:

Buena Park offers a variety of hotel accommodations depending on your travel needs or your budget! This past weekend, Adam and I stayed at the Radisson Suites Hotel which was so close to Knott’s Berry Farm we could walk there and we had a clean room with a comfy bed. I could actually see a few of their amusement park rides from my side of the bed if I kept our shades open!

Getting Around:

Depending on how you travel to Buena Park, there are a variety of ways to get around to see all of the attractions and places to eat.Since Adam and I stayed at the Radisson Suites Hotel, we took advantage of the free shuttle going to and from the hotel to Knott’s, but in reality, we definitely could have walked there because we were so close to the property.

If you have not rented a vehicle or plan to use a shuttle from the hotel you stay at, Buena Park also has a decent public transportation system. You can opt to use the Metrolink to get around the city and even as a way to get to and from the nearby airports. In addition to public transportation, you can also choose to ride a cab or grab your smartphone and call for a ride with either Lyft or Uber.

 This blog article was written by Cathy Mini and featured on Our Mini Family.